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Change of address
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Change of address on official documents and for entities and organisations.

Official documents

Remember that it is obligatory to update the address that appears on official documents (DNI, passport, driver's license, etc.). This must be done personally at the police station in your municipality.

If renewal is done to change data (change of address, name, etc.) for a DNI that is not expired, the process is free. At present, many police stations require you to make an appointment, avoiding unnecessary queues.

Related information

More entities and organisations

In addition to these notifications, you must also remember all the entities, associations and organisations at which you are signed up or registered. This is a simple process, but doesn’t mean it is any less important.
Remember to notify all banks and savings banks at which you have accounts, different organisations (mutual insurance companies, NGOs, etc.), subscriptions to magazines and newspapers, delivery services, gyms and professional associations... And of course all your friends and family.

Health center

If you move, you have to go to the appropriate primary care centre (CAP), depending on your address, and show your census registration and select the doctor from the time schedules available at the clinic.
You can consult which CAP corresponds to your new address.

Update:  06.03.2012