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La Meva Salut is a digital, personal and non-transferable query space which allows you to access your healthcare information, make enquiries and carry out electronic procedures in a secure and confidential manner. You no longer need to store reports and documents at home, as you can now retrieve your personal healthcare data from any location, via any device.

La Meva Salut is currently going through a phase of evolution. The centres that make up the Integrated Public Use Healthcare System of Catalonia (SISCAT) are progressively adding services and information to the web. For this reason it is possible you may not find all the details of your medical history, because they are in the process of being included as they are provided by the different healthcare centres.

La Meva Salut is available in Catalan, Spanish and Occitan-Aranese.

As of October 15th 2018, the access age is lowered to 16, and parents and legal guardians are allowed to access the data of children under 16 years of age.

What information does it contain?

This web page includes the information produced when you are attended in any public healthcare centre: primary care centres (CAP), hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic imaging centres. These are the details contained in the shared clinical history in Catalonia:

  • Personal data Your personal data and those of your primary health care team (EAP).
  • Clinical information Diagnostic reports, visits to the emergency department, analysis results, image diagnostics, vaccines administered, test results, etc. 
  • Medication Your current medication plan for electronic prescriptions. In this section are reports on drugs (how they are and how you have to take) comprehensible. In addition, this information is provides in seven languages: catalan, Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Chinese and Portuguese.
  • Living will and donations From this tab, you can become organ donors and download a donor card identification. It is a card that is used to express a wish to organs or tissues at the time of death, which commits the person, and can be removed at any time, for whatever reason, there is a change opinion. This area also contains the living will, if you have registered.
  • Procedures Access to the Internet addresses from where you can carry out procedures. 
  • My monitoring  Electronic services to monitor your health.
  • Calendar An electronic calendar which includes any programmed appointments and tests you have pending in primary health care and, shortly, your appointments with specialists (as the healthcare centres add this information).
  • Waiting lists The time you will have to wait if you have an operation pending which is included in the list of maximum guaranteed waiting times: hip and knee replacements, cataracts, heart or heart valve surgery or any of the 22 guaranteed oncological procedures. 
  • e-consultation Virtual space through which you can talk to healthcare professionals. This service is under development and is scheduled to arrive in 2017 50% of primary care centers in Catalonia.
  • Communities First virtual space for community healthcare, with a pilot project under way in conjunction with the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) in which breast-cancer patients can do sessions of psycho-oncology via the Internet. 

It is anticipated that new services will be added very soon, such as the possibility of registering as an organ and tissue donor and accessing and contributing to your personal medical data, as well as new communities 2.0 between healthcare professionals and patients.

All of this personal information is securely and confidentially available on Cat@Salut La Meva Salut, the website that enables citizens to participate and take co-responsibility in prevention and the care of their own health. 

Access requirements

  • You must be 16 or older (the age is lowered from 18 to 16 as of 15 October 2018)
  • Be holder of an Individual Health Card (TSI)
  • Have a mobile telephone to receive SMS
  • Have an email address
  • Have a digital certificate or apply, in person, for a password at your appointed primary care centre in order to unequivocally guarantee your personal identification

From 15 October 2018 parents and legal guardians are allowed to access the health data of children under 16 years of age. Applications must be submitted at your CAP or accredited hospitals.

Access with a password

If you do not have a digital certificate you must apply, in person, for a password.

Applying in person for a password

  1. Go to the primary care centre (CAP) you have been appointed to with your Individual Health Card (TSI) and your national identity document.
  2. Sign the access application or consent form which the CAP will give you to enable you to fill in your self-registration data.
  3. Make a note of the username that you will be given and which will correspond to your national identity document.

Fill in the registration

  1. You will receive an email to the address you have given the CAP with a link which will enable you to access the self-registration page. You have four days to complete your registration; if you do not do so within this time you will have to start the procedure again at the CAP, or you can call 061 CatSalut Respon.
  2. Introduce the username you were given by the CAP. Create a password with no less than eight digits.
  3. Also introduce the PIN code you will have received on your mobile phone by SMS.
  4. Finally, introduce the security question and answer to be able to recover your password, if you should ever forget it. 

How to access

  1. Go into the website
  2. Enter the personal identification code (CIP) of your Individual Health Card (code of letters and numbers that appear on the card, without spaces).
  3. Write the username (DNI or NIE).
  4. Enter the password. 

Access with digital certificate

You can also access La Meva Salut if you have a digital certificate.

The digital certificate is an electronic document that guarantees the identity of the person consulting the data, thus enabling access which is secure and confidential.

La Meva Salut (LMS) supports the digital certificates of certification entities that are classified, by the Catalonia Open Administration Consortium, as valid to identify citizens and companies for Catalan public administrations.

The first time you access and, once you have entered the digital certificate, the system will ask you to introduce the personal identification code (CIP) of your Individual Health Card (TSI).

If all is correct, a screen will appear with your personal data, contact details and the legal notification. You must read this and click on “Accept” to confirm you really are the holder of the personal health data that you wish to access.

Once you have accepted the legal notification, you will be able to access the home page of La Meva Salut.

Accessing a child's LMS

Parents or legal guardians of children under the age of 18 may request access to the LMS of their children.

Access to your child's LMS is held until they are 18 years old, and between 16 and 18 parents or legal guardians will need their child's authorisation to access this data. For persons who hold legal custody, access can be held beyond that age provided that it is expressly stated in the legal document.

Applications are filed on an individual basis (they must be personally submitted by a parent or legal guardian with all the documentation) at the primary care centre (CAP).

If you have already accessed LMS, either using a digital certificate or with a password that you requested from the CAP, you must return to the CAP to submit the documentation and request access to the LMS of your child or that of the child for whom you hold legal guardianship.

Required documentation

  • Individual health card (TSI).
  • National ID (DNI) or accreditation document.
  • The TSI of the person subject to your request for access.
  • The llibre de família (family ID) or official birth certificate (in the case of children) or the original documentation certifying that you are the legal guardian.

Procedure to request access to the LMS of children under 16 years of age

  • Submit the documentation.
  • Sign the access request that will be given to you at the CAP that shows your details and the details of the people subject to the access request.
  • The next time you access LMS, on the home screen you can choose to enter your personal LMS or the LMS of the people who have authorised you.

Procedure to request access to the LMS of children between 16 and 18 years of age
If your child is between 16 and 18 years of age, they must grant you access, which can be done in two ways:

  • In person at the CAP (when you request access to LMS).
  • Requesting access to and entering LMS, and accessing the "Authorized Custodian" section, where you will find the names of the people (father, mother or legal guardian) who went to the CAP to request access.
Screenshot of La Meva Salut
Frequently asked questions about accessing your child's LMS

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Update:  15.10.2018