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I am an artisan

If you work as a craftsperson or artisan, here you will find a collection of procedures in the handicraft sector. 

The constant evolution of craftwork in recent years has brought changes to the legislation regulating the sector. These new regulations classify craftwork into a repertoire of 14 handicraft trade categories and specify the requirements for acquisition, assessment criteria, validity and the causes for revoking the different badges related to craftwork in Catalonia.

Currently, a single application form is used to request the artisan card, the handicraft product badge (D’A) and the badge for establishments that sell Catalan handicrafts.

The National Handicraft Awards have also been created to grant prestige to craftwork in society and Catalonia Handicraft Week promotes the marketing of Catalan handicrafts.

The experience and prestige of professionals devoted to the handicraft trades is recognised with the Professional Master Artisan Diploma and the Teaching Master Artisan Diploma, the latter of which focuses on education.

Finally, you will find the grants available from the government to support and promote the handicraft sector in Catalonia.

Update:  21.03.2016