Vull anar a pescar o a caçar
I want to go fishing or hunting
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I want to go fishing or hunting

These two activities have special procedures in order to be compatible with leisure activities and the protection of the environment:

  • To go fishing you must request the "recreational fishing license surface" which enables fish to the sea and the free zones of inland waters without death. Fishing in areas controlled fishing should also request a "fishing permit controlled area" for the particular area where you want to go. At sea, in addition, you can get the "collective recreational fishing license" to fish from a boat owner and his companions. For recreational sea fishing underwater must apply for "underwater fishing license." Underwater fishing in inland waters is prohibited.

  • For hunting you must apply for a “Hunting licence”. This only permits, with the permission of the owner of the land, hunting on Private Hunting Land. For national hunting reservations or areas with controlled hunting, you must apply for the Hunting licence for national hunting reserves in Catalonia.

Specific authorizations are required for the use of ferrets, of use of lures in Terres de l’Ebre and exceptional authorization for culling, although in the latter case, a notification may be sufficient.