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Catalan courses

Consortium for Linguistic Standardisation

This body is made up of the Government of Catalonia, city councils, district councils and regional offices to facilitate knowledge and use of Catalan. The Consortium for Linguistic Standardisation organises Catalan courses for adults (older than 16 or 18 years old) at all levels in most cities of Catalonia.
Linguistic initiation courses are free. Discounts are provided for certain groups for the rest of the levels.

This virtual learning environment offers a wide range of teaching materials for learning Catalan.
The website is available in Catalan, Spanish, French, English and German. is broken down into four learning levels: basic, elementary, intermediate and advanced, with each level in turn divided into three courses.
Courses are offered in two learning modes, free mode and tutored mode. If you select the free mode, you will have access to materials and will be able to learn. However, if you prefer the mode with tutors, which entails a charge, you will have the support of a tutor. The tutored mode is managed by the Consortium for Language Normalisation and Ramon Llull Institute.
Furthermore, the portal has a space where you can interact with other users via forums and chats and another space with courses and activities called Aula mestra.

Related information

Official Language Schools of Catalonia

Official Language Schools (EOI) are public, non-university and teaches modern languages to adults.

EOI certificates are recognised throughout Spain, the only official certifications, and can be obtained both through official exams and in open exam periods.

Adult Education Centres of Catalonia

These studies aim to reach the adult minimum degree of competence to communicate in Catalan and taught at three levels: Catalan language level 1, 2 and 3, which correspond to levels A1, A2 and B1 common European framework of reference for languages.

Ramon Llull Institute

Ramon Llull Institute
Throughout the year at various universities and institutions of the Catalan-speaking populations courses Catalan language and culture are organized so that students pursuing studies outside the Catalan linguistic domain to improve their language skills and participate in a wide range of cultural activities.
The Institut Ramon Llull provides scholarships for people from outside the linguistic domain wishing to attend training courses of Catalan as a foreign language, especially for basic, elementary and intermediate levels , and related topics
Scholarships are also available to attend postgraduate or doctorate or master's degrees related to language , culture and / or literature in public universities in the Catalan-speaking territories.

Catalan Communities Abroad
Some Catalan Communities Abroad (centers, associations, Catalan centers , etc.). Catalan courses organized.

Blanquerna Cultural Center in Madrid
The Cultural Center offers Blanquerna Catalan courses in Madrid.

Map of learning centers where Catalan in Spain
A search engine with information about the centers in Spain where you can learn Catalan, Basque and Galician outside their language area. One can search by province, by municipalities and by type of facility, especially universities, language schools and centers.

Tests to obtain certification of Catalan level

The Directorate General of Linguistic Policy convokes exams to obtain Catalan language certificates, which accredit your level of knowledge of Catalan for the purpose of language learning, employment (both the public administration and for socioeconomic matters), academic and personal interest.
Outside of Catalonia, the Ramon Llull Institute convokes and administers the exams to obtain certificates of Catalan knowledge and regulates and issues certificates outside of official studies.

Update:  26.02.2014