Vull crear una societat laboral
Vull crear una societat limitada laboral
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Registration for the Tax on Economic Activities (IAE)

To operate in the market and initiate business activities the company must be registered for this tax. The registration is submitted to the Tax Agency office which corresponds to the zone where the activity will be carried out.

Registration with the Social Security system

Registration of the company, partners and employees with the Social Security system. All natural persons or legal entities for whom people included in the General System will work must register their company with the corresponding office of the General Treasury of the Social Security. 

Premises or establishment

In the event that you intend to conduct your activity in an establishment or other business premises, you should first check that it is compatible with urban uses set out in the municipal land-use plan for that area.

Once you have confirmed that the activity may be undertaken, you must apply for a municipal licence from the corresponding town or city council. If works are needed on the premises you must also apply to the council for the applicable building permit.

Work centre

Any company that opens a new work centre or resumes work after having completed major alterations, extensions or refurbishments to a centre must inform the corresponding Business Management Offices (OGE) or the Territorial Services of the Catalan Ministry of Business and Knowledge. 

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