Vull llogar un habitatge
Vull llogar un habitatge
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Financial aids

Financial benefits for specific emergencies, benefits for paying the rent, etc.

Financial benefits for special emergencies

These are aids for people with serious difficulties in paying rent or their mortgage payments. The maximum benefit is €3000 and the maximum period is 12 months.


Permanent benefits for rental payments

They are repayable aid to meet the payment of rental living units that have low or moderate incomes, whom the cost of housing can be placed at risk of social exclusion residential. The maximum income threshold to qualify for aid is 1.5 times the income adequacy index of Catalonia (IRSC).
The economic benefits will be a minimum of € 20 per month to a maximum of 200 € per month, depending on income of family unit and place of residence.

Avallloguer (Rent Guarantor)

A guarantor scheme applicable to rental housing located in Catalonia, which ensures landlords receive a certain amount in the event a judicial eviction process is undertaken for non-payment of rent.

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Update:  11.11.2016