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idCAT Mobile

An ID service provided by the Open Administration Consortium of Catalonia, based on giving a single-use password to a mobile telephone, which has previously been registered with the Electronic Office of the Government of Catalonia.

What is it?

idCAT Mobile is an identification and electronic signature system intended for citizens based on sending single-use passwords to mobile devices. Citizens must register their mobile phone number with the Electronic Office database before they can use this system.

To register, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be older than 16
  • Give evidence of identity using one of the following recognised documents: DNI, NIE reported on your residence permit, passport, identity document of a European Union country, or EU residence card or by providing information known to both parties (applicant and Administration) in the event of online electronic registration.
  • Give the required information of an email address and a mobile phone for the purpose of identification and contact.

How do I register on the internet?

The online electronic registration form offers citizens the possibility of registering their contact details with the Electronic Office without having to travel to an office in person.

The online registration process is accessible at the following address: https://idcatmobil.seu.cat.

It can also be accessed from the space My folder using the Login with ID button as shown below:

The link leads to the CAOC ID screen where the citizen can register for the idCAT SMS service:

Online registration in the idCAT SMS service can be done with a digital certificate if the following requirements are met:

  • Have a certificate of being a legal or corporate person or representative of a legal person.
  • The certificate must be valid.
  • It must be issued by an entity classified by the CAOC

People who have Spanish nationality can also choose not to use a certificate. In this case, you must prove your identity by providing the expiry date of your National Identity Card (DNI) and the barcode of your Individual Health Card (TSI) provided by CATSALUT.

You will also be asked for your mobile phone number for the purpose of identification and management of alerts and email. A single-use password will then be sent to your mobile telephone informing you that it must be entered to complete the registration process.

People who register online without using a certificate will receive, at the home address they have registered in their town council, a letter informing them of their registration with the Electronic Office. This is an additional measure to guard against impersonation.

How do I register in person?

To register your mobile phone number in the Electronic Office database, you must go to the Citizen Information Offices of the Government of Catalonia at the following addresses:

  • Barcelona Citizen Services Office
    C. Sant Honorat, 1-3
    08002 Barcelona (Barcelonès)
  • Cerdanya Citizen Services Office
    Pl. del Rec, 5
    17520 Puigcerdà (Cerdanya)
  • Girona Citizen Services Office
    Pl. de Pompeu Fabra, 1 (Edifici Santa Caterina)
    17002 Girona (Gironès) 
  • Lleida Girona Citizen Services
    C. Lluís Companys, 1
    25003 Lleida (Segrià) 
  • Tarragona Girona Citizen Services
    C. Sant Francesc, 3
    43003 Tarragona (Tarragonès) 
  • Terres de l’Ebre Citizen Services
    C. Jaume I, 2-4
    43870 Amposta (Montsià) 
  • Barcelona Business Management Office
    C. Sepúlveda, 148-150
    08011 Barcelona

  • Lleida Business Management Office
    Av. del Segre, 7
    25007 Lleida

  • Tarragona Business Management Office
    C. Pompeu Fabra, 1
    43004 Tarragona

  • Girona Business Management Office
    Pl. de Pompeu Fabra, 1
    17002 Girona

  • Terres de l'Ebre Business Management Office
    C. Montcada, 2
    43500 Tortosa

  • Catalan Tax Office. Barcelona Delegation  
    Passeig de la Zona Franca, 46
    08038 Barcelona 

  • Catalan Tax Office. Lleida Delegation
    C/ Lluís Companys, 1
    25003 Lleida

  • Catalan Tax Office. Girona Delegation
    C/ Barcelona, 54
    17002 Girona

  • Catalan Tax Office. Tarragona Delegation
    C/ Vapor, 4-6, 2n
    43004 Tarragona

  • Town Council of Castellar del Vallés – Citizen Care Service 
    Plaça d’El Mirador, w/n, Castellar del Vallès (08211)

  • Regional Council of Urgell
    Passeig Joan Brudieu, 15, La Seu d’Urgell (25700)

  • Regional Council of Terra Alta
    Carrer Bassa d’en Gaire, 1, Gandesa (43780)

  • Regional Council of Selva
    Passeig de Sant Salvador, 25 – 27,  Santa Coloma de Farners (17430)

  • Regional Council of Osona
    Carrer de l’Historiador Ramon d’Abadal i de Vinyals, 5, 3rd floor, Vic (08500)

  • Regional Council of Noguera
    Passeig Àngel Guimerà, 28-30, Balaguer (25600)

  • Regional Council of Garrotxa
    Avinguda Onze de Setembre, 22, Olot (17800)

  • Regional Council of Montsià
    Plaça Lluís Companys, w/n, Amposta (43870)

  • Regional Council of Baix Ebre
    Carrer Barcelona, no. 152, Tortosa (43500)

  • Regional Council of Alt Urgell
    Passeig Joan Brudieu, 15,  La Seu d’Urgell (25700)

  • Regional Council of Baix Camp
    Carrer Doctor Ferran, 8, Reus (43202)

  • Town Council of Torelló
    Carrer Ges Avall, 5, Torelló (08570)

  • Town Council of Tiana
    Plaça de la Vila, 1,  Tiana (08391)

  • Town Council of Sant Hilari Sacalm
    Carrer Rectoria, 17, Sant Hilari Sacalm (17403)

  • Town Council of Sant Andreu de la Barca
    Plaça de l’Ajuntament, 1, Sant Andreu de la Barca (08740)

  • Town Council of Salou
    Passeig 30 d’octubre, 4, Salou (43840)

  • Town Council of Masnou
    Passeig Prat de la riba, 1, El Masnou (08320)

  • Town Council of Manlleu
    Plaça Fra Bernadí, 6, Manlleu (08560)

  • Town Council of Malgrat de Mar
    Carrer del Carme, 30, Malgrat de Mar (08380)

  • Town Council of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat
    Citizen care office
    Carrer Girona 10, lower floor, 08901 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

  • Town Council of Gavà
    Plaça Balmes, w/n,  Gavà (08850)

  • Town Council of Calella
    Plaça de l’Ajuntament, 9,  Calella (08370)

  • Town Council of Calonge
    Plaça de la Concòrdia, 7,  Calonge (17251)

  • Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the EU
    Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat, 227
    1040 - Brussels, Belgium
    Telephone: +32 (0)2 231 03 30
    Fax: +32 (0)2 230 21 10

  • Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to France and Switzerland
    50, rue Saint Ferdinand
    75017 Paris
    Telephone: +33 1 56 81 29 29
    Fax: +33 1 56 81 29 20
    Email: france@gencat.cat
    Web address: www.gencat.cat/franca

  • Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the United Kingdom and Ireland
    The Head: Sergi Marcén López
    17 Fleet Street, 2nd floor
    EC4Y 1AA London
    Telephone: +44 (0) 2075 834 263

  • Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to Germany
    The Head: Ms Marie Kapretz
    Friedrichstrasse, 185
    10117 Berlin
    Telephone: +49 (0)30 208 86 430
    Fax: +49 (0)30 551 953 15

  • Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the United States, Canada and Mexico

  • Delegation head office in Washington
    1050 K Street NW
    Suite 325
    Washington, DC 20001
    United States of America
    Telephone: (202) 783-8050
    Email: unitedstates@gencat.cat

  • Delegation office in New York
    360 Lexington Avenue
    Suite 1801
    New York, NY 10017
    United States of America
    Telephone: 212 782 3330
    Email: unitedstates@gencat.cat
    Web address: www.gencat.cat/unitedstates

  • Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to Austria
    Stadiongasse 5/11
    1010 Vienna (Austria)
    Telephone: +43 1 8903820

  • Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to Italy
    Via IV Novembre 114
    00187 Rome
    Email: italia@gencat.cat
    Telephone: +39 0669920757

  • Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to Portugal
    Av. da Liberdade, 245, 4º D
    1250-143 Lisbon
    Telephone: +35 1 213 540 592
    Email: portugal@gencat.cat

  • Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to Denmark
    Sankt Annæ Plads 13, st. Sidehuset
    1250 København K
    Telephone: (temporary) +34 93 809 30 15 

You must fill in, sign and submit the relevant form. You must prove your identity with an ID, for example, your national identity card. All documents provided by the applicant must be valid at the time of registration. If the document provided has expired, you need to provide proof of renewal.
Registration in person at these offices is mandatory for people who are not Spanish nationals.
The number of places where you can register will soon be increased to provide better coverage across the country. 

How do you use it?

If you wish to identify yourself using idCAT Mobile, you will need to enter your national identity card number (DNI, in the case of a Spanish citizen) and the mobile phone number you have registered in the database.

If the database does not find the identity document, or mobile phone number provided is not what has been registered in relation to the identity document, you will see an error message. In this case, you must modify the registry if it is wrong or register it if you have not previously done so.

If the data provided correspond to those registered, a password will then be sent to your mobile phone to enter into the field of text shown on the screen. From that time onwards, you can carry out any procedure or relevant paperwork.

Modification and cancellation of data and temporary suspension

The system provides for changes being made to the contact details at the offices where registration is done in person and, in the near future, at the Electronic Office self-service. You can add or modify your postal address, email and phone number.

Requests for voluntary cancellation of the data must always be done in person at a Citizen Attention Office.

If an individual notices improper use of the service, they may request the temporary suspension of access to data and the opening of a verification process. The request for temporary suspension of access must be managed in person at an office enabled to do so. In the future, the request may be made by internet, although the application must be completed in person at a Citizen Attention Office.

What is the Electronic Office database?

The system holds data that facilitate the electronic identification of people who want to communicate with the Government of Catalonia. The data are provided by the person concerned or the bodies of the Government of Catalonia, with which they have dealt, in accordance with legal regulations on protection of personal data and always with the consent of the person concerned.

These data may be transferred to the Catalan public administrations and its associated bodies for identification and communication with interested persons.

The body responsible for the files in this database is the Directorate General of Citizen Services.

Uses of the file:

  • Gather the identification data required for the processing and communication of services of the Electronic Office of the Government of Catalonia.
  • Communicate electronically requests and resolutions of the services under the jurisdiction of the Government.
  • Manage the publication of notices of administrative acts and other communications of the Administration of the Government of Catalonia and other information of general interest from this administration.
  • Collect contact information necessary for the management of the response to various queries, complaints, suggestions or opinions presented through the Contact mailbox of the Government.
  • Publish on the electronic bulletin board any information of general interest, communications and actions taken by the Government of Catalonia and the other entities included in the regulations.
  • Gathering statistics.
Update:  02.02.2017