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Permit to fish in a controlled area and fishing contests

8363 - 8363_Permis de pesca en zona controlada i competicions esportives Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca i Alimentació web

In order to fish in a controlled fishing area (ZPC), in addition to having a valid fishing license, you must also have the corresponding fishing permit. You can view the list of controlled fishing areas in the "Classification of sections regarding fisheries "
If the ZPC has reached the maximum number of daily permits and these have been issued, no further permits will be granted.

The participants in sporting events have priority use of controlled fishing areas. If the area of Inland Fisheries deems necessary, may block the issuance of permits to citizens in case of realization of competitions with a high number of entries. In this case, the day/s of specific fisheries will not be/ are available/s for the remaining fishermen.

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Last update 06.08.2018