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Free choice of a general practitioner and paediatrician

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Citizens can chose the primary care centre (CAP) they wish to visit and a general practitioner or paediatrician from the primary care team (EAP) working at the centre and that is available. For organizational reasons in each CAP, the number of patients assigned to each doctor is limited. The CAP will inform you of which doctors are available to take on more patients, as well as their visiting hours.
If you chose a CAP different from the one designated with regards to your residence address, there may be changes in the organization of services (visits, home-care, social care, specialists supporting primary care...) and you must be familiar with these possible changes before deciding to change.

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Only one change is allowed per year, except for in the case of objective reasons such as a change in domicile or of workplace. Certain individuals or groups of persons will not be allowed to change their general practitioner.

This procedure concerns all citizens in general whore are registered with CatSalut.

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Last update 12.07.2018