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Licence for the repair of oil-storage facilities

Indústria i energia 6722 - Sol·licitud d'examen per obtenir la competència professional per actuar com a reparador/a petrolífer Departament d'Empresa i Coneixement web

The licence for the repair of oil-storage facilities entitles the holder to repair oil-storage facilities in confined spaces inside the catch basins of tanks, to undertake the degassing, cleaning and repair of tanks and pipes, and to prepare facilities in order to test how watertight they are and carry out such tests, all once use of the facilities has already begun.

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Persons who want a career in repairing oil-storage facilities.
Once the examination has been passed, the holder will have five years in which to claim their authorised-repairer licence, subject to the publication of new regulations.

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Last update 26.03.2012