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Catalan Government Plan for the 12th parliamentary term

The Plan is based on four pillars: social cohesion, economic prosperity, strengthening democracy and internationalisation

25/09/2018 14:09
Valors del nou Pla de Govern

The Executive Council has approved the Catalan Government Plan for the 12th parliamentary term. It is the strategic plan for the term and contains the objectives and the most important lines of action that the Catalan Government will pursue, beyond its normal activities. It has been drawn up in line with the Catalan Government programme presented during the investiture debate.

In addition to being a planning tool, the Plan serves to make the Catalan Government accountable for its actions, assess the degree to which the commitments it made are being honoured, and guarantee transparency in its relations with the public. The Plan therefore incorporates a series of indicators to enable the public to assess whether or not the measures announced are being implemented and honoured throughout the term.

The document is divided into four parts, giving details of the four pillars, which encompass 22 areas of action, 93 objectives and over 1,000 specific measures, with more than 300 monitoring indicators.

  1. A cohesive country with rights and opportunities for all.
  2. A prosperous, responsible and sustainable economy. For a new model of production and fair taxation.
  3. A free and fair society in which democracy has been strengthened. For shared governance.
  4. A Catalonia which is open to the world.

These pillars are governed by a common idea: equality as the central principle of public policies, to build a society where no one is excluded because of their origin, language or culture, and human rights and human freedom are scrupulously respected. In order to achieve these goals, the Catalan Government must strive for transparency in management and procurement and encourage the support and participation of the public.


Equality as the central principle of public policies