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Frequently Asked Questions

Information about possible doubts concerning security, procedures, notifications, validations, etc.

The Electronic Office uses a secure communication protocol (https) that guarantees a safe user environment on the web.

To sign the documents it generates, it uses a digital certificate with an intermediate-level digital stamp, issued by the Open Administration Consortium of Catalonia, the Catalan certification body.

The Office will only ask you for the personal details that are strictly necessary to deal with procedures, and these details will be processed in accordance with current personal data protection legislation.

If you want to request a service or procedure with a specific form that allows online processing, once you have uploaded the form and sent it for processing the entry register is automatic against the electronic registration of Gencat procedures. It will give you a locater number on the receipt of your submission.

If you want to submit a request or message on a matter for which there is no specific form set up, do a search for the procedure known as General Request where you can submit your request using a generic form. Once you have uploaded the form and sent it for processing, the entry register is automatic against the electronic register of Gencat procedures. It will give you a locater number on the receipt of your submission.

Important: if you use the General Request process to request a procedure for which there is a specific form, the department concerned may ask you to fill in the correct form in order to move the procedure forward. Even so, the date on which you submitted the initial General Request will be taken as valid for calculating deadlines.

Go to the Procedures tab and search for the procedure you want. Once there, follow the instructions that will show you how to proceed.

You can check on the status of any procedures you have initiated with this Electronic Office by going to My Folder.


Revoking a certificate means cancelling its validity before the due date that appears on it. This process can be requested by the user at any time, especially when the holder believes that the security of his/her private code may have been breached.

If you have provided an email address in your file, you will receive an email containing a link to access your notification.

You can also access notifications in My Folder

The PDF application form and attached documents, in the format accepted by this procedure, cannot exceed a total of 5 Mb.

If the procedure allows you to attach documents after presenting the request, you can do this in the field for consulting details of the request by entering the case number and identifier of the person who made the request or submission, or by going to My Folder (in gencat Procedures or the Business Channel) with a digital certificate. Each document to be attached can be in one of the two formats accepted by the procedure, to a maximum of 10 Mb per document (which should be sent separately).

The number of files you can attach depends on the type of procedure.

A form is validated when all the mandatory details have been filled in correctly and the necessary documents have been attached. To validate it, simply click on ‘Validate’ at the end of the process. If the validation process displays an error message, you need to rectify any errors and click on the ‘Validate’ button again until everything is correct.

If the form requires an electronic signature, it will ask you to provide this once the form has been validated correctly.

For the form to be sent, it must be validated (and signed, if necessary) correctly.

You need to check that there are no required fields left without an entry; in this case, it will show you which fields are missing in red. You also need to check the installation of your certificate, if you have signed one.

In principle, you need to wait for the system to try to process your request. At the end of the process, if there is any problem it will send you an error message.

If you have clicked on Send in the Send Procedure section without receiving a reply, close your browser.

If you are not sure whether you have completed the whole process, you can go to My Folder or call 012 to see if the procedure has been started. The 012 staff will give you a case number so you can follow up on the procedure.

It is an ID system based on a single-use password that is sent to your mobile phone by text message. No certificates are necessary and the system has no expiry date. Also, signing up is free of charge and anyone aged over 16 can request the service online.

idCAT Mòbil

What it consists of, how to get it, how to use it, changes, deregistering and suspensions…

IdCat is a certificate with a high level of security that enables the identification and signature for procedures that require this level of security due to the information involved. In addition, idCAT provides an advanced electronic signature.

IdCat Mòbil is an identification and signature system with an intermediate level of security that provides a recognised signature.

The management body is responsible for determining the identification and signature system required for each procedure.