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Catalan culture

  • Heritage

    Catalonia's archaeological, architectural, paleontological and museum heritage.

  • Cultural enterprises

    Grants and subsidies for Catalan businesses working on audiovisual material, cinema, music, performing or visual arts, books, business development, markets, digital techniques and audiences.

  • Popular culture and associationism

    Popular parties and fairs, ethnologic heritage, documentation, formation, associationism...

  • Libraries in Catalonia

    Catalogues, directories, reading guides, addresses, exhibitions in Catalan libraries.

  • Cultural promotion

    The arts it lives and its facilities.

  • Cultural diary

    Search engine for cultural events in Catalonia since 1990. The aim is to promote culture consumption and collaboration with organisers in the diffusion of cultural programmes. 

  • Catalan letters

    The portal promotes literature and reading, our literary heritage and social recognition for Catalan writing, providing support for authors writing in Catalan.

  • Cultural data

    Qualitative information in the cultural area: yearbooks, reports, statistics, technical works, notes of present and methodologies.

  • Regional Archive Network

    It includes all the regional archives of Catalonia, which keep all kinds of documents in the region.

  • Conservation and restoration of Movable Heritage

    Archeologic materials, mural painting, sculpture in stone, sculpture and painting in wood and fabric.

  • Calaix. Digital deposit

    Store, preserve and facilitate access to digital materials from the Department of Culture.

  • Copyright

    What is the Intellectual Property Registry, how does it work and for what is it.