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Language and the media in Catalonia

  • Budget for 2017

    Breakdown of the Generalitat of Catalonia budget for 2017, with details of income and expenditure and information about organisations in the public sector.

  • Presidential Department

    Provides support for the President of the Government of Catalonia, governance, attention to the public, and policy on sport.

  • Ministry of Culture

    Responsible for the implementation of cultural policies: language, heritage, libraries, cinema, popular culture, the culture industry, music, museums, and intellectual property.

  • 2021 Strategic Plan for Culture in Catalonia

    Strategic documents specifying the future scenario we hope to attain and the measures needed to achieve this in the area of culture.

  • Catalan language

    Support for the language and its use in organisations and businesses, Catalan in figures, language legislation and campaigns to promote Catalan, tools and resources to learn Catalan and Aranese.

  • Occitan, Aranese in Val d'Aran

    The Occitan language, legal framework and official status of Occitan in Catalonia, language resources, awards and events of interest.

  • The media

    Information on the development of and support for the media in Catalonia, writte, audiovisual and digital, and supervising the allocation of radio frequencies.

  • Catalan letters

    The portal promotes literature and reading, our literary heritage and social recognition for Catalan writing, providing support for authors writing in Catalan.

  • Ramon Llull Institute

    The Institute is dedicated to the external projection of Catalan language and culture.


    Centre for terminology in Catalan, working for the development of Catalan terminology with digital resources including dictionaries, libraries, dictionaries of neologisms...

  • Consortium for Language Standardisation

    Promotes the knowledge, dissemination and use of Catalan and is responsible for supervising official Catalan language certificates.

  • Catalan Corporation for Audiovisual Media

    Guarantees a quality public audiovisual service applying criteria of efficiency.

  • Catalan Audiovisual Council

    Body regulating Catalan audiovisual policy.

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