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Healthcare in Catalonia

  • Budget for 2017

    Ministry of Health budget, allocated to the management of the Catalan Health Service and the Catalan Institute of Health, hospitals, the medical emergency system and the 061 CatSalut Respon help-line. 

  • Ministry of Health

    Ensure the sustainability of the Catalan healthcare system, administration and medical attention, the management of public health and healthcare professionals and the medical research. 

  • Sector plans

    Documents specifying the future scenario we hope to attain and the measures needed to achieve this in the area of health.

  • Scope of activity

    Health from the point of view of the public and healthcare professionals, the Government's lines of action to ensure access to healthcare and sustainability and research in healthcare.

  • Canal salut: the public

    Information concerning health for the public: the healthcare system, rights and obligations, emergencies and an A to Z directory.  

  • Canal salut: professionals

    Information on healthcare for professionals: guides to clinical practice, resources, training, research and innovation, healthcare professions, and assessment. 

  • CatSalut

    Organization that ensures the provision of publicly provided health services to the citizens of Catalonia.

  • La Meva Salut

    Place for personal consultation of health information. Secure access must be sought in the CAP

  • Public Health Centres

    The Catalan health care model has a diversity of health care providers who manage health services for the public and are contracted and certified by CatSalut.

  • Search for healthcare centres

    NHS healthcare centres: primary healthcare centres (CAP), CAP open all hours, local surgeries and specialised healthcare centres: hospitals, social care centres and mental health centres.

  • Cancer

    Information for the public about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and for professionals about the care of cancer patients, research and resources. 

  • Diagnostic imaging

    What diagnostic imaging is and what it is for, for professionals and the public.

  • Donations and transplants

    How to become an organ or tissue donor and why, activity register, patient associations and information on transplants. 

  • Give blood

    Campaigns for giving blood, places where you can give blood and information on the stocks of blood in Catalonia.

  • Drugs

    Reference material, communication and exchange of information concerning the consumption of drugs in Catalonia.

  • Flu

    Information on the condition, how to prevent it, vaccines, epidemics and statistical data.

  • Compulsive gambling

    Risk indicators for compulsive gambling, where to ask for help, what those around the gambler can do, detection and prevention of other addictive behaviour.

  • Medication and pharmaceuticals

    Information on medication, its use and diet, special situations, research and safety.

  • Healthcare System Observatory

    Information to improve the healthcare sector and facilitate accountability and decision making via transparency, assessment and benchmarking.

  • Patient safety

    Strategy for patient safety, keys to improving safety, good practice and projects aimed at healthcare professionals. 

  • Sex for young people

    Information for young people on topics related to sex: emotions, knowledge of the body, petting, contraception, pregnancy, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases and virtual sex.

  • TicSalut

    Details of the introduction and roll-out of information systems and information and communication technology systems in the healthcare system in Catalonia.

  • Eating disorders

    What they are, risk factors, how to act if you suspect this type of disorder, treatment, prevention and myths.

  • Surveillance of nosocomial infections

    Active, ongoing epidemiological surveillance of nosocomial infection in Catalan hospitals.

  • Essencial

    An initiative created to detect low value clinical practice and to make recommendations to professionals and citizens

  • Shared decisions

    Website to promote the participation of people in the decisions of their health treatments

  • Scientia

    Catalan Ministry of Health Digital Information Repository.

  • Diabetes

    Giving information about the disease and its prevention.

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