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Recreational fishing licences for shallow water

3587 - 3587_Llicència de pesca recreativa de superfície Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca i Alimentació web

The license is an authorisation for the practise of recreational —not professional— fishing in continental and marine surface waters where fishing is performed on land or from a boat using any implement approved for this type of fishing.

There are different types of recreational fishing license:

  • R5:  recreational tourism license for 1 day.
  • R6: recreational tourism license for 2 days.
  • R0: recreational tourism license for 15 days.
  • R1: One-year recreational license.
  • R2: Two-year recreational license.
  • R3: Three-year recreational license.
  • R4: Four-year recreational license.
  • M1: One-year catch and release recreational license.
  • M2: Two-year catch and release recreational license.
  • M3: Three-year catch and release recreational license.
  • M4: Four-year catch and release recreational license.
  • RM: Underage recreational license. It is free of charge for people under 18 and is valid for 4 years.
  • RJ: recreational license for over 65 years. It is free and is valid for four years.
  • RD: Recreational license for disabled people. It is free of charge for people who can prove the condition of permanent disability.


Fishing permit

To fish in a controlled fishing area, as well as having the recreational fishing license, an appropriate fishing permit is also required. Taxes depend on the area, the mode (catch/catch and release), the time (days, weeks, years).

Types of permits:
Salmonids: always daily. Catch or catch and release.
Intensive: always daily. Catch or catch and release.
Cyprinids: daily, annual and, only in the controlled fishing area Riba-roja i Flix (ID EB-01), also weekly. Only catch and release mode (native species).

If the application is is handled by Internet, the fee will benefit a 10% discount.

Before planning your fishing activity and paying the tax, see the information about water flows: Agència Catalana de l’Aigua, CHE (Ebro) and weather service

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Warning: To apply in person please contact licensing services to regional and district offices of the department, not the central headquarters. Refer to Step 1, apply, in person  

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Last update 06.08.2018